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Enjoy Itch Relief with Natural Itch Remedies that work!

If you have tried everything for your chronic itching and nothing seems to help, we have good news for you. Our Natural Itch Remedy brings instant relief for itchy skin. We guarantee it will relieve the symptoms of your itch or we will refund your money.

The natural ingredients in our anti itch formulas sooth irritated nerve endings at the root of your itch.  Our gentle ingredients penetrate deeply into parched pores to relieve the symptoms of the itch allowing skin to heal itself. Since scratching can damage skin, customers who use our products often find that the causes of the itch subside as their skin restores itself to its former healthy condition. 

Spray it on and the itch is gone
One secret to our itch remedy's success is that our natural itch-fighting ingredients are delivered to the source of the itching in a solution of pure water - not in oils or creams. Your thirsty pores soak in the water and our natural ingredients do the rest. Greasy lotions and creams can actually clog skin pores and insulate the skin from healing agents. We believe our remedy is the purest, least toxic and most effective itch remedy you will find anywhere.  We guarantee you will be delighted.

Necessity is the mother of invention
Our founder suffered with chronic itchy skin for most his life. Especially in the winter, his legs would get so dry and itchy that he scratched them until they bled. He would rub up against door jams to scratch his back, but nothing seemed to help. His doctor diagnosed his problem as Pruritus and advised him to use a hydrocortisone cream. But hydrocortisone and antihistamine creams are not made for use on large areas of the body or for extended periods of time. He tried all the creams, oils, lotions and potions on the market and nothing worked. Finally, he set out to find his own remedy. Necessity really is the mother of invention. After years of research and experimentation, in the early 1990s he discovered the right mixture of all-natural ingredients - a revolutionary new treatment for dry itchy skin.  The remedy dried quickly without leaving an oily residue and left no smelly medicine odor.    

Itch Remedy
works for:

Chronic Itching
Winter Itch
Diabetic Itching
Poison Ivy / Oak
Bug Bites

Itchy Dogs & Cats
Itchy Legs, Backs & Arms
Various Rashes
Runner / Biker Itch
Geriatric Itch
Hep-C Itching
General Night Itching

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Orders usually leave our warehouse within 24-48 hours  (Monday through Friday). We promise to provide genuine customer service - if you're not happy, we're not happy. Our company proudly maintains a rating of “A” with the Better Business Bureau. Our customers also enjoy the security of ordering by credit card or PayPal account using PayPal's credit card processing service (a PayPal account is not required).

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Natural Itch Remedy

Our natural anti-itch formula brings instant relief from itchy skin for the entire body.

This product is guaranteed to relieve the symptoms of itching. Our Natural Itch Remedy  contains no steroids, antihistamines or anesthetics. Harsh chemicals are not designed or recommended for use over large areas of the body or extended periods of time. Our formula is safe for extended use and contains no animal by-products and has no lasting odor. We use only natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Itch Remedy Ingredients: water, msm, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, dead sea salt, herbal extract, potassium sorbate, citric acid, menthol


Pure Soap

anti itch soap
Many people don't realize that the soaps they use can cause itching. Pure Soap accelerates the skin's own cellular regeneration process by gently removing old cells, excess oil, suspended soil, and makeup without stripping the skin, so the skin's own natural, nurturing oils can replenish the cells for softer, smoother skin. Our soap leaves no drying alkali residue.

Free yourself from harsh detergents, toxic antibacterial agents and chemical residue. 


Natural Crystal Deodorant

Le Crystal Natural roll-on deodorant is made with natural mineral salts and is exceptionally effective at eliminating body odor.

Invisible mineral salt deposits remain on the skin to prevent odorous bacteria from forming. It can be used daily and is recommended for all skin types - great for men and women.


Fresh Aloe Natural Soap
Premium Handmade All Natural Soap

Fresh All Natural Aloe SoapOur Fresh Aloe Soap is specially formulated to help heal the skin from the effects of daily sun exposure. It is a cooling and natural form of Aloe Vera. Mosturizes skin, while the Aloe releases enzymes and natural vitamins into your skin. Its deep cleaning formula is recommended for daily use. The pleasing scent will help keep you energized and feeling fresh thoughout the day!

Contains no artificial fragrances, detergents, or preservatives.


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Itch Treatments





Natural Itch Releif

Relieve Anal Itch Naturally
with Assuage 4oz. Bottle

Assuage perennial anti-itch spray brings fast, long-lasting relief for anal itching, and it aids in protecting irritated anorectal areas.

Anal itching, or pruritus ani, can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. Over-the-counter medications for anal itching contain harsh chemicals. Plus, they have to be purchased over-the-counter - not very discreet.

Our products are mailed discreetly - you can order via the internet and receive a time-tested product that is effective and backed by a guarantee.

The upside-down spray applicator protects the remedy from contamination and allows easy application. Natural Assuage contains no anesthetics, antihistamines, hydrocortisone which may cause problems with extended use. Again - If Assuage doesn't relieve your anal itching, I'll cheerfully refund your money.


Assuage Ingredients: water, msm, alcohol, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, dead sea salt, potassium sorbate, menthol, herbal extract, citric acid


Pure Shampoo
Our pure shampoo is free of detergents and sodium lauryl sulfate which can be the biggest culprits in itchy skin. It is triple concentrated for a rich lather and contains natural hair conditioners that are great for your hair and gentle to your skin.

A healthy shampoo can make a big difference in how your skin feels. When you rinse your hair in the shower, your body is bathed in shampoo allowing harsh detergents and SLS to do their dirty work.

This pure shampoo could be the best friend your skin has ever had! We have never had a complaint on this product - works great for pets too.   


Natural Lemongrass Soap With Poppy Seed
Premium Handmade Soap
Lemongrass all natural soap

All natual soap with Lemongrass is hand made!

The natural odor-fighting properties of lemongrass help keep you feeling fresh all day. Our soap contains strong but gentle all-natural ingredients to provide a rich lather that washes off easily. It contains no artificial fragrances, no synthetic detergents, no animal ingredients and no preservatives. Our Soap with Lemongrass has a natural, fresh scent and promotes natural healing.

Order a bar today and feel for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!


Pure Natural Lotion
Fresh Scent

Our unique Pure Natural Lotion offers carefully selected plant-based ingredients. This rich formula spreads easily and absorbs fast. It deeply moisturizes and soothes dry, sensitive skin and adds plenty of moisture to keep the skin supple, healthy, and yourthful. A unique formulation of Soy, Jojoba, Coconut, and Palm extracts that restores skin's natural balance for radiant health. 100% natural.

Fresh scent that is scented and enhanced with an exclusive blend of pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oils that offers an embracing aromatherapy experience.



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Money Back Guarantee

Natural Body Remedies' refund offer is for the full price of the products purchase - good on Natural Itch Remedy 8oz and Assuage Anal Itch Remedy 4oz products only. Refunds are valid for only the cost of these products for 90 days from date of purchase.

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Safe for Pets
Yes - Our products work well on itchy pets with various skin conditions (mainly dogs, cats and horses). We like to say, “Our products are safe on pets since they were tested on humans.”

Wholesale Inquiries

For wholesale pricing and distribution inquiries, please contact us via the email address below. We offer discount pricing for retail stores, wholesale distributors and online.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for your interest in your products! 

 We're proud of our Testimonials
(please send us yours!)

Well, I am sure I'm not the most cynical person ever to have bought your product, but maybe close to. However, I am both surprised and delighted to be able to tell you that it appears to be working. I suffered a terrible allergic reaction to a hair dye and was covered from head to toe in an itchy rash which got worse the more I scratched. The worse it got, the more itchy it got. This went on for weeks. It was torturous and I was beside myself. Having tried all that my doctor could throw at me, with some mild but temporary relief, I received your product which, as it goes, didn't take as long as expected to reach me here in the UK. I used it immediately and it did take a couple of applications to some chronically itchy areas but a few days later now, the rash has almost completely gone and the only place on my body which still itches a little is my scalp, the only place I didn't use your product, yet!!! I just want to say thank you and urge anyone on the fence about trying this stuff out, to give it a go.

Becky, Bristol, UK

This is the first time since fall arrived here about a month ago that I have been able to get through the day with no itching. I couldn't even lean against an upholstered chair to watch tv! My back was a mess and when clothing would touch it, I was insane. I am so happy that I finally bought something that works. I also bought my brother a bottle because he is worse than I am. Winter has always been horrible for us--now I think I can make it. Thanks again. - Becky

Thank you very much..Received it this morning and just instantly used it..I was suffering!!..I have been tested for everything, and this itch started about 4 weeks ago and I was becoming seriously anxious...The itch stopped as soon as I spray and 4 hours later nothing... honest!! a miracle..Many many thanks. Pam in the UK

My sister was in inferno. The medicine the Dr gives helps but, not much THANK YOU! The results were just as you said.. I wish I had discovered your product before my mother passed . She suffered with an itch for a very long time before she passed. No one I know will ever have to experience itch toucher again. I will tell every one about you, and recommend that your Itchnomore be as must for every ones' medicine cabinet. I can't thank you enough, Maxine H. Miami, FL

A couple of months ago I suffered a terrible allergic reaction to a prescription drug that caused me to break out into bleeding hives nearly everywhere. This was driving me nuts 24 hours per day. It is (finally) clearing up, thanks in large measure to your "Itch Remedy" which I discovered on the internet. I have now used up most of the two bottles I ordered, and am ordering two more for insurance. Thanks millions for a great product. Phil in California
I love it! It's the ONLY anti-itch remedy that has worked for me, including those over-priced prescriptions from the doctor. THANK YOU !!!!!!!
C.R. Baltimore, MD

Your Itch Remedy is simply amazing. I have had itching off and on for 2 years. My main problem was the interrupted sleep. I spray it on and immediately the itch is gone. I am orderring some more, and also some moisturizing cream.
R. F.

HI, I just received your product yesterday. I have had arm and shoulder itching for 10-12 years. I have consulted with every specialty doctor I could think of. Not one of them has had a clue as to the cause. I have literally used every type of lotion, including prescriptions with minimal results. In the day I have used your product, I have received great relief. I am so happy I found you. I am simply amazed.
Thanks, Sandra

This stuff really works. It has brought my relief for my husband who is diabetic. He's a Vietnam Vet with exposure to Agent Orange. Also has Hep C related to agent orange and liver damage. You need to get the word out about your product. How about veteran's magazines, TV, newspapers! Thanks for getting some relief and SLEEP!!!
R. L., Pennsylvania

After years of dry skin that peeled off and bled, all I have is scars, now that my legs are healed. This product has made me so happy. I suffered all my life with my legs and now I feel I can wear shorts for the first time. I was traveling last Friday and the airport kept my Presley's anti itch spray and would not let me keep it, so I am ordering 2 bottles so I will never be without again.
Mary K.

I got your itch remedy yesterday and used it last night. I don't know or care how it works, but if last night was any indication, it is perfect. It is the first night in months that I have been able to have an uninterrupted, itch free sleep.
Thank you!
B. F

Thank you for your kind and  helpful response, And ... tho it has not yet been 24 hours since my husband received and began using the Itch Remedy, it has curtailed his misery that began in late September that not four different - and respectable - doctors, over-the-counter remedies, and a few prescriptions have been able to help.  Needless to say, we will keep some on hand ... forever!  Thank you for your product! P.F - Maryland

I received my order yesterday and was amazed that I received it so promptly. I have been having terrible itching on the top part of my arms. It usually happens at this time of the year and like others on your web site I have tried EVERYTHING. I am also an insomniac and the itching just added to the irritation of not being able to sleep. Last night I slept 7 hours and it was the first time in weeks that I have been able to do so. I was very skeptical of the product , But whatever it is -- it works and that's all I care about.
Thanks again.

I've tried a number of different products with varying degrees of success, but yours works well, is not sticky, greasy or smelly, and has no long-term residual effects like a cortisone cream. I wish I could figure out *why* I have this on-and-off problem, but that may never happen, so I'm glad to have found your Itch Remedy.
regards, Linda

My itching problem began when I was 21 years old. I am now 64. With each of my 3 pregnancies I cried at night my skin itched so badly. Even today 3-4 times a year my skin starts this itching. I ran on to your product a couple of years ago on the internet. I purchased it out of desperation and I can't tell you the difference it has made. My itching problem may be on one arm or the other, my shoulder or back of my neck. Was always someplace different each occurance. Since I've used this product I can't tell you how this keeps my problem under control. I am re-ordering and will never be without it!!

Thank you a million times over for sending me your product so quickly..!!!!! God bless you......I will NEVER let myself run out of the spray again.....I just received my order today...the day before Thanksgiving..and I am soooo very thankful...I am finally starting to feel normal again..and just in time for the are a Godsend ... keep up the good work.....Sincerely, Sonja

My bottle of itch remedy arrived Saturday. My arms had sores on them from scratching. I took a shower and sprayed it on. Now, here's what people won't believe! I could see the sores healing up! Today, they are almost gone. I don't itch anymore. I have tried everything, prescription Cortisone, Aveeno, vaseline, etc -- this one works.
Thanks, Bonnie

I have been using your anti itch product for a couple of years now, I do know that it works well and now the body butter on top of the itch stuff works 3 times as fast in stopping the itch.
T.L. Wisconsin

Thank you so much for your Formula  It really works. I have spent the  most comfortable 3 days of this winter.  I also can sleep a whole night without getting up and taking antihistamines that usually give me terrible  headaches and only work for a while.  I hope that I can continue to purchase this from you. 
Thank you again!! 
Catherine L

Thank you so much! I am recovering from hepatitis A and I have been suffering from itchy skin for the past 3.5 months, I had tried absolutely everything on the market to try and ease the discomfort and sleepless nights. I was at the end of my rope in sheer desperation when I found your product! I would just like to say your product comes as a god send to me, you have no idea how much it has relieved my itching.. finally I can function normally and sleep more peacefully at last! Thank you so much again!
J.K. - Israel

Whatever the formula consists of, it worked its magic and my mom found relief for the first time in literally weeks of extreme pain from severe itching. Having seen 5 different doctors and tried a variety of many different medications and herbs and lotions over several months since the itching first began, mom was extremely skeptical of my suggestion that she try this spray, but the side effects of the latest prescribed anti-depressant were making her hands shake and clouding her thinking, so she was willing to try almost anything to make the itching go away! Within a day of starting the spray the itching stopped completely!
R. H. California

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